Spooky Southcoast Celebrates 10 Years on WBSM
This Saturday night, Spooky Southcoast will celebrate its 10th anniversary of airing on 1420 WBSM. That's a whole decade of talking about things a lot of people still don't even believe really exist.
A lot has changed in the world of the paranormal since January 26, 2006...
UFOs Over New Bedford?
I'm an optimistic skeptic. So I have my own explanations for strange things I might happen to see, and then hope I'm wrong.
I was standing outside my North End home Wednesday night around 7pm, when I noticed four red, flickering lights floating across the sky...
Meatloaf the Ghost Hunter?
Meat Loaf is going to have a lot more time on his hands these days--he announced this week that he is retiring from touring--and apparently he's looking to spend some of that time ghost hunting.

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