A video was sent to the WBSM Facebook page that we could not help but take a closer look at.

Cam Fortes sent us a video that his brother, Noah recorded on Saturday, September 25. Noah told us that the video was taken around 7:30 p.m. near Buttonwood Park in New Bedford. The flashing lights appear to be hovering over the CVS on Kempton Street.

Over the chorus of Rupert Holmes' "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)," you can hear Noah say that the two flashing lights are moving in sync. The video was less than 10 seconds, but that was enough to intrigue us about these two flashing orange orbs.

“They almost seemed like they were levitating and just standing still almost,” Fortes said. “I wish I got more footage, but they were just moving in sync. They were orange orbs and they were diagonal from each other. It was honestly quite weird how in sync they were!”

WBSM reached out to Scot Servis, the Airport Manager at New Bedford Regional Airport, for some insight on the video.

"My vote is a drone, but with the green lights either disabled or covered,” Servis said. “If it was a helicopter, you would have heard it. It's moving too slow to be an airplane. Just my two cents."

A drone would make sense as you might not be able to hear it depending on how high it was elevated above you. And the restrictions on lights for drones is not as carefully regulated as a plane or helicopter would be.

This is the second UFO sighting reported to our radio station since Tuesday, September 21. The first one was captured by Jordan Costa and Donna Santos outside of their home in Westport.

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