If you missed out on the harvest moon the other night, it was quite the spectacle. However, I had this bout of rough luck all day long that could only result from a full moon that wasn't exactly appreciated. Full moons are gorgeous to look at, but definitely bring out the crazy in everyone.

Anyway, a Westport couple that claims they've seen UFOs in the area before was finally able to capture one on video. Take a look for yourself; could this truly be a sign of extraterrestrial life? You be the judge. Check out these mysterious flashing orbs that Jordan Costa and Donna Santos captured outside of their home:

Now, I know you're thinking it's just the moon and you might be right, but Costa is convinced that these blinking blobs in the night sky are something much more sophisticated. Whether or not it's a plane or a radio tower or perhaps even a couple of drones, I'm leaning more towards "something else." Perhaps that "something else" is alien contact or not, but it's definitely something that I've never seen before.

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If these really are spaceships over Westport, then every alien movie I've seen where a cow was beamed up is as accurate because they'd be hovering in the right place. Dairy farmers beware and keep count of your herd. If you're missing any Heffers, call the authorities immediately. Cows just don't go missing. And keep your eyes on the skies just in case we're being visited by something other than tourists.

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