BOSTON (WBSM) — UFO sightings are not uncommon in Massachusetts, but so many of them are easily dismissed by the public, even as both the U.S. government and the U.S. military have acknowledged there are things in the skies for which we have no explanation.

However, the public – and the powers that be – tend to take reports of strange objects in the sky more seriously when they come from experienced aviation professionals, and we’ve had so many such sightings revealed in recent years that more and more pilots are willing to come forward with what they’ve seen out there.

In fact, it was the “Tic Tac” UFO spotted by a Navy fighter pilot from the USS Nimitz that really blew open the doors on the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

A recent sighting that happened near Boston also came from an aviation professional, and it’s a head-scratcher.

The report came into the National UFO Reporting Center on October 28 of this year, regarding a sighting that occurred back on October 3.

The person who reported it said they are an airline captain for a major U.S. carrier with 25 years airline experience and 28 years as part of the United States Air Force.

During a flight from New York to Europe, the plane reportedly passed about 50 miles from Boston at 35,000 feet when the captain saw something strange in the sky.

“I noticed a light ahead and above come into view, grow very bright, looked to move right and down then dim (until) gone,” he wrote. “Then another one, or the same one, appears, grows bright, and dims as it moves away.”

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The captain then alerted his first officer (whom he pointed out is also ex-military) to what he was seeing in the sky, and the two of them watched it for a total reported duration of about 30 minutes.

“(The) lights were not consistent,” the captain reported.”Sometimes one followed by another then another, sometimes two or three at once, sometimes movement from left to right was pronounced.”

The captain also pointed out that it was “not Starlink, not other satellites, not a planet, not (the) space station, not ships at sea – we both know what all of those look like and we both agreed that this was not any of those.”

He did allow the possibility that it could have been military aircraft, but pointed out that the problem with that is that the lighting brightened and dimmed, while aircraft lighting is set just to bright and does not dim; the lights were white and not the green or red navigation lights or strobes; the light looked similar to when a plane might have its landing gear down, but said no aircraft has their landing gear out at 35,000 feet plus; and the object was flying too high for military activity.

Check out the videos he posted to the NUFORC report and decide for yourself what you think.

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