Terror in the UK
MANCHESTER, England (AP) - Manchester police say the man who set off an improvised explosive device at an Ariana Grande concert in northern England died in the attack.
Police said Tuesday 22 people died in the attack Monday night. It wasn't clear if that included the suspected suicide bomber...
Hodgson on Orlando
Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson says the Orlando shooting wasn't an attack on just one group, but on all Americans.
Hodgson says people need to understand that radical Islamic extremists are hateful toward modern western civilization regardless of sexual orientation...
Filming at UMASS
A production crew for the upcoming film Patriots Day has submitted a preliminary request to film portions of the movie at UMass Dartmouth. Campus spokesman John Hoey confirms to WBSM News he has received the request from CBS Films.
The movie will feature Mark Wahlberg as a Boston Police Detective dur…
Paris Attacks Update
Associated Press - French Prime Minister Manuel Valls is vowing to "destroy" those behind the rampage across Paris that killed at least 129 people and wounded hundreds of others.

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