Say it isn't so, Joe. A longtime supporter of the Communist Party and the terror regime of Fidel Castro in Cuba, Rep. Karen Bass has reportedly cleared vetting.

All presidential campaigns put their potential vice presidential candidates through an extensive examination. While the mainstream media has done some reporting on the deep relationship Karen Bass has with Cuban intelligence and domestic terrorists, it hasn't been influential with Joe Biden and his campaign.

Politico, a mainstream news organization, is reporting that Rep. Bass has cleared the background check and she is still on the shortlist to be the Democratic Party's choice for VP. She spent decades shuttling back and forth between Communist Cuba and the United States as a member of the Venecermos Brigades, a joint project of the terrorist Weather Underground and the DGI arm of Castro's intelligence network.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, one of the four co-chairs of Biden’s vice-presidential selection committee, told MSNBC on Tuesday that the campaign had a group of “amazing women that have been a part of this process.”

“We’re keeping them all,” he said. “We vetted them heavily. All of them have passed a vet. And now — in this next week, week and a half — Mr. Biden can spend some time with them.”

Politico has also reported that in 2017, Rep. Karen Bass eulogized a longtime Communist leader who operated for decades in the United States. Vice President Biden knows, as all reasonably intelligent people do, that the U.S. Communist Party was always a foreign-controlled political and espionage organization dedicated to turning America into a dictatorship. They interfered in U.S. elections to benefit foreign nations like Cuba, North Vietnam, China, North Korea, and the Soviet Union.

Rep. Bass used the Congressional Record as her forum to honor a traitor. She used her office to celebrate a Communist leader. In her taxpayer-funded eulogy, she pointed out that the dead commie had worked to get Henry Wallace on the ballot to run against Democrat Harry Truman. She failed to mention that Wallace had been Franklin D. Roosevelt's vice president.

FDR kicked Wallace out of the White House and brought in Truman. He did this because Wallace was too sympathetic to Communism.

Joe Biden has a choice to make and so does America.

LISTEN: Dr. J Michael Waller discusses Bass on with WBSM's Chris McCarthy:

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