Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson says the Orlando shooting wasn't an attack on just one group, but on all Americans.

Hodgson says people need to understand that radical Islamic extremists are hateful toward modern western civilization regardless of sexual orientation. "It starts with a basic ideology of 'the Americans are infidels.' If you don't believe in what the Islamic extremist Muslims believe in, then they will kill you," said Hodgson. "And that's the reality we have to face."

Hodgson called for greater efforts in the fight against ISIS overseas, while also encouraging the public to speak up more. Hodgson says the public can't be afraid to report something suspicious just because they think they'll be labeled as intolerant as a result of it. "We've come to this politically correct place. And this politically correct place might make some people feel good, but it's going to kill an awful lot of other people."

Hodgson says the public needs to work hand in hand with law enforcement in order to weed out domestic terrorists and others who seek to do harm on American soil.