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Shoe On Other Foot
I'm cracking up laughing at the hypocrisy of Washington politics about replacing Justice Scalia. President Obama filibustered Judge Alito when he was Senator and now he demands a "smooth" process. So the President wants to avoid "political posturing and ideologic…
Obama’s Vacation Home For Sale
As far as presidential vacation homes go, JFK and Hyannisport are synonymous. Richard Nixon had both a Florida White House in Key Biscayne and one in San Clemente, CA. Gerald Ford didn't have a specific one but preferred golf and ski vacations in Colorado...
Beau Biden Dead At 46
Beau Biden, who followed his father, Vice President Joe Biden, into politics and was twice elected attorney general of Delaware, died Saturday of brain cancer nearly two years after he was first diagnosed. Beau Biden was 46.
The younger Biden, who suffered from various health problems in recent years…
Obama To Speak
President Barack Obama says tonight, he'll be laying out the things he can do within his "lawful authority" to improve the immigration system.

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