President Obama is changing his mind about the numbers of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Multiple outlets report that the White House will announce that 55-hundred American troops will remain in Afghanistan beyond 2016.

The President had previously had a desire to end the U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan by the end of his time in office.

The decision marks a major reversal following months of discussion between Obama, Pentagon officials and commanders about how to best continue support of Afghan forces.

Obama will announce today plans to keep the current force of 98-hundred troops in Afghanistan through most of next year before starting to trim down.

Troops will remain based at four different locations instead of a consolidation at the Kabul embassy.

That move will cost about 14-point-six-billion-dollars a year, up from a previous estimated cost of around ten-billion.

Sources say Obama's decision was reinforced by the Taliban's recent take over of the key northern city of Kunduz late last month, which led to ground fighting with Afghan forces who were supported by U.S. air strikes.

One of those air strikes hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital, killing 22 people.

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