UMass Dartmouth Islamic History Professor Brian Glyn Williams is no stranger to the perils of Afghanistan. He has visited that war-torn nation several times as an educator, and while working with the U.S. Army and the CIA Counter-Terrorism Center.  He has also written several books about the culture of Afghanistan and his experiences.

Williams has met with warlords, stopped in villages, and spoken to adults and children in Afghanistan. He said he does not blame President Biden for ending U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan. He is however, heartbroken and fearful for the fate of the Afghan people as they deal with what likely will be strict Islamic rule imposed by the Taliban regime.

Professor Williams wrote about those fears in an essay published last May on the George Washington University History News Network, providing personal observations and insight on what faces the people of Afghanistan following the takeover.

Contributed photo from Prof. Brian Glyn Williams
Contributed Photo

In his Townsquare Sunday interview, Professor Williams said people he met in Afghanistan are calling and e-mailing him asking for help in finding a way out. He is reaching out to as many contacts as possible, but the situation, he said, is grim.

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