SWANSEA — Swansea police have identified and issued arrest warrants for two suspects in connection with a jewelry store heist that took place in October.

Police said 24-year-old Travis Almonte of Lakeland, Florida and 28-year-old Julien Vasquez of Providence, Rhode Island are both charged with larceny over $1,200 and conspiracy.


Investigators believe the pair are involved in the theft of a high-value diamond necklace from a Swansea jewelry store last year.

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On Oct. 16, police were called to the Hannoush Jewelers on the Grand Army of the Republic highway in Swansea for the reported theft.

The cash value of the stolen necklace was not disclosed, although it was described as being "high-value" and according to the charges is worth more than $1,200.


One suspect, whom police believe to be Almonte, allegedly entered the store and asked to see the necklace before fleeing with it into a waiting car.

The car was driven by a man thought to be Vasquez.

Police said they identified the suspects after several months of investigative work, including reviewing video surveillance footage and numerous interviews and searches.

The department has issued arrest warrants for both men.

Vasquez is currently in custody in Plymouth County on an unrelated matter.

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