SWANSEA — A 66-year-old Swansea man will spend two and a half years in jail — the maximum possible jail term — after he was convicted of using two-way mirrors to watch and record teenage girls in the shower.

Gerald Caron pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and multiple counts of photographing sexual or intimate parts without consent last week in Fall River district court, according to the Bristol County District Attorney's Office.

He had watched and recorded the two girls using two-way mirrors in their bathroom and bedroom.

The two sisters aged 15 and 18 were temporarily living in his home.

In January 2020, he had offered to let them stay at his house on Stevens Road after they had recently moved out of their family house, the D.A.'s office stated.

The sisters had known Caron for many years.

For around five months, they stayed in a spare bedroom that he had created for them, and used a separate bathroom that was located next to his bedroom.

Caron used a different bathroom.

But during their stay, the sisters grew suspicious of his behavior.

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The D.A.'s office noted that he went to his bedroom whenever they took a shower, and they heard noises coming from behind the bathroom wall.

On June 12, 2020, the older sister noticed Caron had left his bedroom door open and went to look around.

She saw a black towel hanging on a wall that covered a two-way mirror looking directly into the sisters’ bathroom.

The teen immediately reported her findings to Swansea Police.

According to the D.A.'s office, Caron told detectives that he adored the sisters, wished they were his own, and created a bedroom for them since they did not have their own rooms growing up.

But the detectives searched the home and found two separate two-way mirrors with video recorders in the girls' bathroom and the older sister's bedroom.

The bathroom had two mirrors with video camera mounts behind each, and a full-length two-way mirror in the bedroom hid two camera mounts and two peep holes.

Caron was sentenced to the maximum jail sentence of two and a half years, followed by five years of supervised probation.

“The sentences imposed by the court holds the defendant accountable for his bizarre and perverted conduct,” Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn said. “I want to thank Swansea Police for their quick and thorough work on this case.”

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