Do you want to know what the world needs more of? It needs more people like Christopher Leduc of Swansea.

With the nonstop wave of negative news, it's always a sigh of relief to come across a feel-good story like this one. Right smack in the middle of Swansea's Ocean Grove is a 30-year-old man who unfortunately suffers from a couple of disabling disorders such as chronic anxiety and depression. His mental health keeps him locked up inside of his house, too nervous to go out into the world to interact with anyone.

However, Leduc found a way to escape with a little bit of snowplowing.

Throughout "The Grove," Leduc goes from house to house whenever there's a snowstorm and clears the driveways and in front of his neighbor's houses without asking for a single dime. In fact, he doesn't ask for anything at all, because to him, it's an excuse to get outside and out of the house.

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"I help out others because it helps me out in the long run," Leduc told Fun 107. "It helps me improve my communication skills and how to cope with anxiety and depression just by getting out of the house. I just want to do good."

Anyone who knows anything about snowplowing will tell you that it's an expensive job to take on. Parts are constantly breaking or needing replacement and since Leduc isn't charging for his services, it's difficult to keep up with the maintenance.

That's when the Swansea community rallied together and raised over $2,500 for a new tractor for Leduc.

It all started when three locals in the area started a GoFundMe that ended up raising the necessary funds for the tractor.

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"I originally put up a post stating that I had a tractor and was looking to get out there and help people out with the snow removal, but then my tractor broke and I had to shovel more than six driveways and walkways by hand from that last 'slush storm' that we had," Leduc said. "I didn't have a clue that someone had started a fundraiser for me until I saw it for myself on one of the local Facebook groups."

“I was reading his post about how he felt awful that his tractor broke and he couldn’t plow. So he was out shoveling, not for money or favors, just because helping people makes him happy," said Erich Chapman, who started the GoFundMe campaign. "I was sitting there reading it, saying ‘I hope someone makes a GoFundMe for this guy. Ten minutes later, I decided to just do it myself.”

Even as I was on the phone with Chris, documenting his story, a neighbor of his came out to thank him for what he did for her the previous night plowing out her driveway.

"All I really wanted to do is show people that there is so much good in this world and to let people know that I'm there for them," Leduc said. "I'm trying my best and what I can for my community."

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Leduc plans on getting a tractor with a riding deck so that he can help out in the warmer seasons by cutting grass as well. As far as the remaining money that was raised from the GoFundMe, Leduc plans on donating it to the Swansea Animal Rescue as a thank you to those who gave back to him.

"My goal in life is to just show the world that there are still good people out there," Leduc said. "Even though I have disabilities, I'll do whatever I can, whenever I can. I'm just trying to spread some kindness and I appreciate everyone's comments and what they've done for me. It's truly helping me out in the long run."

Chapman said he was very happy with the outcome of his own selfless act.

“I honestly didn't think it would turn into what it did. I was hoping to just get him some money to get a used one,” he said. “Now we raised enough to basically get him whatever he wants. Seeing how happy he is was a reward for me.”

Thanks to the small town of Swansea, one man's hobby and goal in life will soon be replenished so that when that next snowstorm comes to the SouthCoast, Leduc will be the first in the neighborhood to spring to action.

It just goes to show that a little kindness goes a long way, even if it's a simple gesture as a delicious cup of hot cocoa as a thank you.

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