The Supreme Court had a chance to make history with gay marriage this week, and by striking down DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) they have done that. 

Update 11:38am - The Supreme Court has also voted on Prop. 8 from California. They have ruled that California does not have the authority to ban gay-marriage.

DOMA, which was set up in 1996, denied the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples. States could allow the marriages, but they were not recognized by the federal government. As of today, they will be.

June 26, 2013 will be remembered as a big day for gay rights as the Supreme Court has struck down the Defens eof marriage Act. many were at the scene hoping that the Supreme Court would rule in their favor and they have. This does not mean that gay marriage is legal in all states, but for the states that do allow gay marriage, those unions will now be recognized by the federal government.

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