It's no secret that marriage has been on the rocks for years. People just don't seem to want to tie the knot anymore.

For the record, I did it twice.

A new survey from QuoteWizard by LendingTree reveals, "Marriage and divorce rates are declining nationwide, indicating that while fewer people are getting married, those who do so are staying together."

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QuoteWizard says its researchers found "the marriage rate has declined by 85 since 2011. The divorce rate, meanwhile, has dropped by 17 percent over the same period."

Some of the survey's key findings include that West Virginia, Arkansas, and Maine have the highest percentage of divorces. Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming have the highest percentage of marriages.
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According to the study, "Nationwide, 49 percent of people are married, 11 percent of people are divorced, and 33 percent of people have never married."

Let's take a look at how the New England states rank.

Connecticut: 47 percent are married, 10 percent divorced, and 36 percent never married

Maine: 52 percent are married, 13 percent divorced, and 29 percent never married

Massachusetts: 47 percent are married, nine percent divorced, and 38 percent never married

New Hampshire: 51 percent are married, 12 percent divorced, and 31 percent never married

Rhode Island: 45 percent are married, 11 percent divorced, and 37 percent never married

Vermont: 49 percent are married, 11 percent divorced, and 33 percent never married
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New York, California, and Massachusetts have the highest percentages of people who have never married, but the study says divorce rates in Massachusetts have dropped by 32 percent since 2011.

Divorces in Connecticut were down seven percent during the same period. In Maine, it was 20 percent. In New Hampshire, 16 percent. In Rhode Island, 14 percent, and in Vermont, down 19 percent.

The number of marriages in five of the six New England states declined by single digits since 2011, but in Vermont, marriages were down by 11 percent for the same period.

How many times have you been married? Divorced?

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