The New Bedford Hurricane Barrier may be closing several times this week in light of the "supermoon."

The moon is making it's closest pass to earth in nearly 69 years this week, and is having a significant impact on ocean tides.

New Bedford Port Director Ed Anthes-Washburn tells WBSM News the Army Corps of Engineers will be keeping a close eye on the tides, as they could cause problems locally. "They're there to make sure that localized flooding will have minimal impact on New Bedford and Fairhaven. It's actually the morning tides that are higher than the afternoon tides," said Anthes-Washburn.

Anthes-washburn says at it's peak, the "supermoon" will cause high tides to increase by about six inches. Tuesday morning's high tide is expected to reach 5.4 feet. "There might be some localized flooding on the Fairhaven side. But, in general, the barrier does a pretty good job of making sure these sorts of things don't happen," added Anthes-Washburn.

Boaters and fishermen are advised to monitor the tides closely, as well.

The Army Corps of Engineers is monitoring the following tides as they will likely have the most impact on the New Bedford Harbor:

  • Tuesday 7:56AM - 5.4 ft.
  • Wednesday 8:48AM - 5.3 ft.
  • Thursday 9:41AM - 5.0 ft.
  • Friday 10:37AM - 4.7 ft.

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