While visiting the Southcoast Friday for multiple events, Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren and Governor Charlie Baker chimed in on the failed Republican bill aimed at repealing Obamacare. 

In New Bedford for a legislative luncheon and discussion of the city's port, Markey and Warren spoke about the importance of bipartisanship in order to make federal healthcare work.

"Our hope is that, ultimately, the moderate Republicans will start to work with us in order to improve Obamacare, in order to help find constructive ways in lowering the annual cost increase and that would be the ideal result," said Markey.

In response to President Donald Trump's earlier statements that Obamacare is "not sustainable," Warren responded that it's future depends on the Administration.

"Whether or not Obamacare goes downhill is much more in the hands of the president, who wants to see it fail, than it is in the hands of Congress," Warren said. "We're the people, the Democrats, we want to see it succeed and we want to try and make it better."

While celebrating the opening of the Amazon fulfillment center in Fall River, Gov. Baker said he was pleased that the House bill didn't make it to the floor and that it's his job to continue to support legislation and policy that will help Bay State residents.

"I think my job is to continue to advocate on behalf of policies at the federal level that make us more likely to succeed in providing affordable coverage and affordable options to people here in Massachusetts," said Baker.

House Speaker Paul Ryan withdrew the bill when it became clear he did not have enough Republican votes to pass it Friday afternoon.

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