If it seems like the deer are out in full force this fall on the SouthCoast, you are not alone.

We are in the midst of the deer mating season, and that means these creatures are on the move.  Did you know that this area can be one of the most dangerous parts of the country when it comes to deer causing motor vehicle accidents?

According to the latest numbers from AAA Northeast, Bristol County ranks No. 1 in the state for the number of accidents involving deer. No other county in Massachusetts had more deer accidents.

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In fact, the number of deer accidents here on the SouthCoast is so prevalent, we make up a good portion of the top 10 towns in the state for deer crashes.

This is a good time of year to slow down just a little bit around areas where deer are known to congregate. Keep an eye out for deer crossing signs, and remember that if you encounter one deer, there are likely more to follow, as deer tend to travel in groups.

We looked through the AAA data over the last year to identify which SouthCoast towns are the most dangerous for deer accidents. Here’s a chance for you to see where your town ranks.

It might be a good idea to forward this to the younger drivers in your family as a warning to watch out.

They may be surprised about the damage a deer can do to a car.

SouthCoast Towns With the Most Deer Accidents

Here is where SouthCoast towns rank when it comes to car crashes involving deer in 2022. The number of accidents documented in each town is at the bottom right corner of each image.

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