Animals really love being indoors.

Perhaps they're just jealous of the sweet set-up we have, with our reclining couches, comfortable beds, big screen high-def televisions, and, you know...heat. But they always seem to be trying to break into our homes and businesses.

For example, Massachusetts Environmental Police had to rescue a deer that had jumped through a window into a VA facility in Brockton on Tuesday. The deer, who looked a little bewildered to be inside--I guess we could say like a deer in headlights, but without the actual headlights--had to be immobilized before it could be removed from the building.

Mass Environmental Police/Twitter
Mass Environmental Police/Twitter

Authorities then brought the deer to a safe, outdoor location, and even waited with the animal until the effects of the immobilizing agent wore off. What a thoughtful gesture, considering the deer basically couldn't protect itself until fully recovered!

Now that the deer has been returned to the wild, hopefully, it remembers that's where it belongs and thinks twice before jumping through any other windows.

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