Massachusetts is known for paying its teachers pretty well. In fact, most Bay State teachers are paid well above the national average. There are several SouthCoast towns, however, that are doing even better than that. These are towns with some of the highest paid teachers in the entire state, believe it or not.

Across the country, teachers typically make about $63,645 per year, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics report for 2019-2020. As the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reported, the average here is $84,659 per year for that same time period. Some towns even pay their teachers six-figure salaries.

Several SouthCoast school are among the top 50 districts for teacher salaries in the entire state. Diman Vocational in Fall River came in at No. 39 and Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech landed at No. 32.

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The bottom of the teacher salary list for all of Massachusetts is Petersham schools with an average salary of $39,246 per year, while on the other end of the list are Provincetown schools at No. 1, paying teachers an average of $122,312 per year. Clearly the discrepancies among teacher salaries across the state is pretty huge, but on the SouthCoast the numbers are little more consistent.

All of the school districts here on the SouthCoast are paying their teachers well above the national average, though not all of them are reaching the Massachusetts average. Only five of the 19 school districts locally are paying their teachers above that $84,659 per year mark.

So where do your local teachers land? Here is the list of SouthCoast teacher salaries.

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