With 55 runners from SouthCoast communities officially signed up to run in yesterday's Boston Marathon — the first to be held on its traditional Patriots Day since 2019 — the region made a strong showing.

Dozens of runners aged 20 to 71 and representing communities from Rehoboth to Marion earned a pat on the back (or at least some rest) after the 26.2-mile slog.

Only five runners weren't able to make it to the finish line, with most of those missing the race entirely.

Finishing times generally ranged from three to just after six hours.

But one runner — 33-year-old Brendan Medeiros of Fall River, a former Holy Cross track and field athlete — finished the race after just two hours and 32 minutes.

His fast pace earned him 175th place in the men's race and the 192nd spot overall.

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Here's the full list of our local marathon runners broken down by town, including each entrant's bib and wave numbers, name, age, sex, residence, and citizenship, courtesy of the Boston Athletic Association registry.

Results for each runner are available at the BAA website.


193983/4Almeida, Jennifer43FAcushnetMAUSAUSA 
279554/4Boswell, Ryan29MAcushnetMAUSAUSA 
253724/2Dahlberg, Alyson25FAcushnetMAUSAUSA 
279334/4Dubois, Keith34MAcushnetMAUSAUSA 
124852/5Fidalgo, Tino51MAcushnetMAUSAUSA


265624/3Botelho, Kara26FBerkleyMAUSAUSA 
179863/2Parmentier, Gretchen44FBerkleyMAUSAUSA


279624/4Boswell, Alex27MDartmouthMAUSAUSA
187203/3Furtado, Julie41FDartmouthMAUSAUSA
145782/7Hawkins, David58MDartmouthMAUSAUSA
267424/3Rogers, Meghan36FDartmouthMAUSAUSA
27501/3Rouillard, Molly32FDartmouthMAUSAUSA
242954/1Wheaton, Jennifer24FDartmouthMAUSAUSA


268574/3Johnson, Ken42MDightonMAUSAUSA


180073/3Carr, Erin36FFairhavenMAUSAUSA 
243534/1Collyer, Evan36MFairhavenMAUSAUSA 
249624/1Delano, Bruce48MFairhavenMAUSAUSA 
267024/3Finnegan, Edward59MFairhavenMAUSAUSA 
222623/7Firth, Teresa58FFairhavenMAUSAUSA 
209813/5Vasconcelos, Lynn47FFairhavenMAUSAUSA

Fall River

125282/5Correia, Paulo52MFall RiverMAUSAPOR
244264/1Eliasson-Parrott, Lillia29FFall RiverMAUSAUSA
243344/1Forcier, Meredith24FFall RiverMAUSAUSA
255484/2Jacob, Jennifer48FFall RiverMAUSAUSA
10121/2Medeiros, Brendan33MFall RiverMAUSAUSA
255494/2Moreira, Sandra43FFall RiverMAUSAUSA
245344/1Parrott, Steve61MFall RiverMAUSAUSA


276294/4Amaral, Alicia42FLakevilleMAUSAUSA 
61081/7Markson, Samuel31MLakevilleMAUSAUSA 
241034/1Martin, Evan28MLakevilleMAUSAUSA 
276944/4Melvin, Calvin41MLakevilleMAUSAUSA


242854/1Leroy, Dana20FMarionMAUSAUSA 
125962/5Maxwell, Jared46MMarionMAUSAUSA 
138662/6Poulin, Sarah29FMarionMAUSAUSA


227123/7Coucci, Karen58FMattapoisettMAUSAUSA 
268274/3Couto, Bethany36FMattapoisettMAUSAUSA

New Bedford

216873/6Fay, Michael60MNew BedfordMAUSAUSA
21631/3Grasela, Michael31MNew BedfordMAUSAUSA
235533/8Harrison, William77MNew BedfordMAUSAUSA
264834/3Racine, Jennifer38FNew BedfordMAUSAUSA
110312/4Rodriguez-Ramos, Janytzabell35FNew BedfordMAUSAUSA
190623/4Rushton, Jennifer46FNew BedfordMAUSAUSA


114522/4Barishian, Kristin40FRehobothMAUSAUSA 
254844/2Lifrak, Jill48FRehobothMAUSAUSA 
241744/1Saleeba, Christine37FRehobothMAUSAUSA 
220053/7Tidwell, David70MRehobothMAUSAUSA


238373/8Deblois, Paula69FSeekonkMAUSAUSA 
200013/5Simas, Wendy54FSeekonkMAUSAUSA


279364/4Martins, Stephen52MSwanseaMAUSAUSA


262864/3Cole, James33MTauntonMAUSAUSA
264474/3Cote, Emily27FTauntonMAUSAUSA
123602/5Guimaraes, Erica37FTauntonMAUSAUSA
263354/3Hoye, Jennifer48FTauntonMAUSAUSA
157972/8Kvilhaug, Joseph71MTauntonMAUSAUSA


201103/5Cass, Mary60FWestportMAUSAUSA

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