As the SouthCoast counts down the days until Monday, we are hoping and praying that the number of new cases and hospitalizations in the Commonwealth continues to decline, allowing our lives and commerce to slowly return to normal. Each morning on The Phil Paleologos Show, we'll spotlight a SouthCoast business leader who is fighting to continue to grow even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This morning we spoke to Benny Olmeda and Alex Machado from Supreme Home Team.  They lead one of the hottest new real estate teams on the SouthCoast, part of RE/MAX Vantage. They told us that while a few procedural things have changed about selling homes – like wearing masks on their faces, gloves on their hands, and booties on their feet – the SouthCoast housing market is still very active.

"Prices are still good, sellers are still getting good prices for their homes, it's more of an 'opportunity market' right now because instead of going up against 20-25 people at an open house, you are going up against 4 or 5 qualified buyers," said Olmeda. "It increases your chances of actually getting the house you want."

One strength in the housing market right now is the attractive interest rates, which allow more of the buyer's money to go towards the actual house, as opposed to the bank. The low interest rates are a benefit to both buyers and sellers; buyers are able to get more house for their money, and sellers are able to get more of the buyer's dollars into their pockets.

In fact, homes are turning around so quickly that all of their listed homes are now either very close to or officially under agreement.

"We're currently negotiating terms with 93 Clarkson Street in Fall River, once that becomes official ALL of our listings will be under contract.  Nothing is lasting more than 30 days," said Olmeda.

"We need something to sell!  Call us! Everything is under agreement," said Machado.

You can contact the team at

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