After 77 days at Boston Children's Hospital, a local boy from Somerset will finally be going home this weekend.

Alex "Super Alex" Rogers has been fighting hard during his chemotherapy treatments and his hard work finally paid off. For weeks, Rogers has been waiting patiently to go home and will be doing so in style on Saturday, July 17. The Dighton Police Department will be giving Rogers a special detail escort from Bristol Aggie to Somerset that will be passed off to the Somerset Police Department when they hit the town line.

From there, spectators and fans of Rogers will be lined up along County Street and Sullivan Avenue to cheer on and wave to Rogers as he makes his way to the finish line: his home, where his brothers will be waiting for his arrival.

"I'm nervous, but excited to have him back home," Rogers' mother, Cassie Placido said. "It's a new normal and we're just going to figure it out. It's going to be interesting but we're ready for it."

As of now, Rogers is still in remission, which means the cancer is under control, but is still battling the side effects from the chemo. He's been in and out of the I.C.U. several times and is much different and weaker than when he was admitted in the beginning, losing around 16 pounds. He can no longer walk or shower independently, but is still fighting to overcome his battle with the effects of the chemotherapy.

For the longest time, Rogers wanted nothing more than to be in his own bed and quite frankly, who wouldn't after 77 days? He received letters and what he calls "fan mail" from hundreds of people weekly from all 50 states, and even from places like England and Ireland.

"People went so above and beyond to write heartfelt and inspirational cards for Alex," Placido said. "For example, a little girl in California wrote a nice note with a sketched photo of her and Alex hugging, saying she might be far away, but here's a photo of us hugging. His fan mail is what gets him through the day, he absolutely adores it."

Rogers has been notified of his release from Boston Children's and is excited to see his brothers, his bed and even has a surprise awaiting for him: his bedroom is getting a Captain America makeover.

"He's super thankful and appreciative and overall happy," Placido said. "We're in it to win it. He's going to come out victorious, he's been fighting since his first breath and we want him to know that we're going to get through it together as a family."

His suit jacket is prepped and laid out, and Rogers has also requested a top hat and a red carpet leading to his house for the big day.

More details and information on Roger's return to Somerset can be followed on his Facebook fan page. All are welcome to join the standing convoy along County and Sullivan to support Rogers as he rounds home.

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