Move over, Somerset coffee shops, there’s a new kid coming to town.

After their passion project became a huge success in Taunton, Keith and Debra Viveiros say they are thrilled to bring Society Coffee Bar to County Street in Somerset.

The Beginnings of Society Coffee Bar

Keith and Debra Viveiros are the owners of Milestone Realty. While their main office is located in Westport, the Milestone team has agents all over the SouhtCoast, with a large presence in Taunton.

“It got to the point where it was time for another office space,” Keith Viveiros said. “We found the building on Broadway and it was just going to be another Milestone, with maybe some apartments in the front of the building.”

After a night out with friends, an old dream came to mind that got Keith and Debra jazzed up.

“I’ve always had a love for coffee, and my wife and I said to ourselves, ‘Let’s do a coffee shop.’”

In 2022, Society Coffee Bar was born.

It was a perfect way for Milestone realtors to meet with clients in a non-invasive way.

“It was an easy way to meet with the community,” Keith Viveiros said. “Originally, the coffee shop was just the cherry on top (of Milestone), and then it exploded.”

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The Expansion Begins

Coffee was always a passion for Keith Viveiros. He would often drive to Providence and other local towns in search of high-quality, craft coffee. Now that he was entering the coffee business, he wasn’t going to settle for an average product.

“This was a passion project that turned into something big,” he said. “Our first year went by and the numbers were fantastic. We saw the opportunity to buy the St. Michael’s Credit Union in Somerset and it was like the stars lined up.”

The Viveiroses recently bought the property on County Street, and they plan on sticking with the dual relationship of Milestone and Society, with Milestone being dedicated to the basement and Society being dedicated to the top floor.

Their new location will be significantly bigger and offer a drive-thru.

What to Expect at Society

When Keith Viveiros was a child, he always wanted to be a part of something.

“I wanted to be a part of a society or secret club and I thought it would be cool one day to have a club with my friends and have our own little space," he said.

When the coffee shop was born, so was his “secret” society.

Courtesy of Society Coffee Bar
Courtesy of Society Coffee Bar

Society will be like stepping into a chic and modern coffee lounge you typically find in downtown Boston. Viveiros takes pride in not only the product but the atmosphere as well.

“We have an extremely strong emphasis on a total experience, from the quality of food to the service,” Keith Viveiros said. “For the coffee, we brought in an expert to teach the staff on how to properly craft it, brew it and froth it, and we hope to wow the customer with an unforgettable experience.

Society Isn’t Just Coffee

For Society, it’s all about being local. Keith Viveiros takes pride in his SouthCoast favorites and has partnered with popular businesses including Sunrise Bakery and Barrells and Boards to offer top-notch menu items.

And here’s the best part. Society is also a bar lounge.

Courtesy of Society Coffee Bar
Courtesy of Society Coffee Bar

While the Taunton location has fixed bar hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Keith Viveiros said he hopes to get approved for a full-time liquor license in Somerset, allowing Society to function as a coffee bar and lounge seven days a week.

All I hear is “espresso martinis.”

The Viveiroses aim to have the brand-new Society up and running by mid-summer of this year. For now, take the drive to Taunton and see what the Viveiros family is brewing.

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