Surely there are those who don't like President Trump. I get it. That's okay. There are others who have an irrational hatred of Donald Trump that I believe is more closely aligned with a severe mental disorder.

When your dislike for an individual interferes with normal behavior and begins to dominate your every thought, you need to back away a bit and re-evaluate your feelings. Perhaps you are just taking things too seriously. Get a hobby. Meditate. It's good for the soul. An example might be the pink hats who got naked to scream at the sky through their vaginas. Yeah, they really did.

Being triggered by a red ball cap or heckling Trump supporters in restaurants, bars and on the street is pretty nuts, but when you assault a supporter or wish death or harm to Trump and his family, it is time for an intervention and perhaps some serious medication.

Numerous Hollywood types have wished harm on the president. Cher said he should be raped in prison while still others have fantasized about his assassination. That is sick behavior.

Trump Invitational Grand Prix Mar-a-Lago Club
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The former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell said yesterday that she hopes Hurricane Dorian makes a "direct hit" on Mar-a-Lago. Why would she wish for something like that? How many people should be hurt, displaced or left jobless to satisfy Campbell's evil compulsion with Trump?

We are dealing with some pretty irrational and disturbed people here who are clearly in need of help. Perhaps Trump was correct when he suggested that we need to reconsider our decision to deinstitutionalize the severely mentally ill among us.

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