mental illness

Don’t Blame The Hospital
From listeners calling WBSM, to the local newspapers and television stations to Good Morning America, there's a lot criticism that's been levied against Morton Hospital for releasing the man who went on to wreak havoc, mayhem and death. According to The Standard Times, "The family of Arthur DaRosa says he was depressed and suicidal when he was admitted to Morton Hospital in Taunton on Monday
Bertucci’s Stabbing
Stay silent, run for cover, protect family, do a heroic deed. If you were there at Bertucci's Restaurant, what would you have done when a seemingly crazed man stabbed one of the workers?
State Studies Changes
(Associated Press) - Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary Marylou Sudders is pledging to take a fresh look at the way the state treats those with serious mental illnesses and debilitating substance abuse problems who get caught in the criminal justice system...
Brave and Tormented
Niall Breslin, known to the world as Bressie, is a handsome, 6-foot-6-inch tall musician, producer and former rugby player. Does he look like someone who would want to rip the skin off his face?