From listeners calling WBSM, to the local newspapers and television stations to Good Morning America, there's a lot criticism that's been levied against Morton Hospital for releasing the man who went on to wreak havoc, mayhem and death. According to The Standard Times, "The family of Arthur DaRosa says he was depressed and suicidal when he was admitted to Morton Hospital in Taunton on Monday evening. He was released Tuesday morning and hours later fatally stabbed an 80-year-old woman in her home and a 56-year-old teacher dining out with his wife. George Heath, 56, a high school visual arts teacher at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech, was stabbed trying to defend a waitress, and later died."

But don't blame the hospital, because state policy mandates that a third party vendor evaluate and determine the course of treatment for Medicaid patients in emergency departments. In other words, whoever makes the decision on the third party level determines the treatment, if any. The hospital contacted the third party and were told to release DaRosa. Let me break it down further for you; it's all about the almighty dollar! Thank Obamacare for these panels who determine whether you get the golden thumbs up or the proverbial finger. Do you think if DaRosa had Blue Cross - Blue Shield, they would have released him at 4 am?

Our law makers need to rework the third party state contractor policy because as it stands, it's stonewalled, injudicious and erroneous.

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