Tragic news this Tuesday night. A gunamn opened fire at a mall in Portland, Oregon and now some are dead.

NBC is reporting shots rang out in a mall on Tuesday afternoon in Portland. The police say that the gunman was 'neutralized', but they did not clarify if that meant he had been detained, or shot.

No word on how many people were either killed or wounded. A Hospital spokesman Legacy Emanuel Hospital said that they were given word to expect victims, and one person had been Life Flighted.

One witness said she saw what looked to be a teenager walking into the mall in all camouflage, and a bulletproof vest.

Yahoo reports that some witnesses saw what looked to be like a teenager in a white hockey mask run past them with a machine gun heading for Macy's.

He looked like a teenager wearing a gun, like a bullet proof vest and he had a machine, like an assault rifle and a white mask and he looked at me.

- Katie Tate witness

They said that the gunman looked 'determined'. Many store employees and customers huddled in a dressing room to seek safety.

Update 8:48pm

NECN is reporting that three people are dead, including the gunman. Police continue to search the mall for survivors.