Casual observers of the news may have thought that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the Democrat congresswoman out of Houston, was ill or perhaps that her shoes were too tight when they saw clips of her extremely rude treatment of Cory Lewandowski during a House Judiciary Committee hearing this week on whether to have hearings on impeaching President Trump. Naw, that's just Jackson Lee's style.

Former White House Counsel For The Nixon Administration John Dean Testifies Before The House Judiciary Committee
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Jackson Lee is downright ornery. She has been named the meanest Democrat Congress member on at least two occasions by The Washingtonian and has a reputation as the "worst boss in Washington." Jackson Lee's antics on airlines are the stuff of legends.

Jackson Lee is not the only member of Congress who believes she can treat people poorly and get away with it. Many Americans became aware of just how nasty some members of Congress can be during the Senate hearings for then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Folks were aghast at the rude, condescending and otherwise mean behavior that many senators displayed.

House Judiciary Committee Votes On Whether To Hold Attorney General Barr In Contempt Of Congress
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Why do they think that they can get away with treating people the way that they do? Who do they think they are?

Career politicians are a special kind of deplorable. In many cases, these ill-mannered elected officials feel 10 feet tall and bulletproof since they are rarely – if ever – voted out of office. They are untouchable. They forget they are employed by and represent the public. Many of them do so poorly.

Witnesses appearing before Congress should be treated with the utmost respect and courteousness. No member of Congress has the right to badger, insult, yell at or demean a witness. Enough is enough.

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