So, a bunch of cellar dwellers are donning clown costumes and popping up along roadsides after dark trying to scare the bejesus out of people.  A bunch of nit wits who are looking to get their faces, or clown duds on Facebook and other social media.  Knock yourselves out.  Only problem is that there is the potential for someone to get hurt here.  Remember, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Dressing up in clown garb and standing on the side of the road is not a violation of the law.  If you have nothing better to do with your time though, you must really be in need of help.  It is not illegal...unless of course you threaten or intimidate someone. If you happen upon one of these Bozo's, (pun clearly intended,) police say you should treat it as any other encounter with a stranger and don't engage.  They also suggest you may want to notify them just as you would about any other suspicious behavior.  If you look out the window and the clown is in your yard or you encounter a clown who is acting in a menacing manner you should immediately contact authorities.  Don't stick around to take pictures.

While looking for thrills these attention craving loons  are actually putting themselves in danger in that they could attract a response that they were not expecting, such as a good butt whooping.  Police says kids have begun clown hunts in some area woods hoping to ferret out these low lives.  Problem with that is that they could be dangerous and really want to cause harm to people so, you could be the one getting hurt.

With Halloween right around the corner there is concern that bad people could use clown costumes to harm kids or that good people wearing clown costumes could be mistaken for a bad guy.  Best advise is to avoid clown costumes if at all possible this Halloween.  If nothing else it could ease the anxiety and keep you safe.