The now infamous "Seagull Cinderella" that sits on the corner of Route 18 and Elm Street in downtown New Bedford received some companionship Friday afternoon, though the friendship did not last long. 

Local artist Tim Blier sculpted "Princess of Whales" and placed it next to the seagull as a protest to recent calls to remove the sculpture from the city.

"It was a protest to help the artist Donna Dodson," Blier said. "It's art not about the breasts was my point in all of this."

"It was all about having some fun too. People are too serious about things."

The Seagull, sculpted by Dodson, is among 20 other sculptures installed as part of the New Bedford Seaport Art Walk.

Over the summer, many residents have demanded the figure be removed and even circulated an online petition that garnered nearly 400 signatures.

Much of the outcry about the seagull has been its breasts, which Blier also incorporated in his own sculpture, though they could have just been flippers.

The "Princess of Whales" was made of trash barrels and a recycling bin all painted a light blue. The tail was fashioned out of baking sheets and the breasts were funnels covered in tissue paper.

The whale was only on display for a few hours before being taken down by Jessica Bregoli, a freelance art curator for the Art Walk. Bregoli said in a Facebook post that the sculpture was safe at Gallery X and waiting for the artist to claim it.

Bregoli told WBSM News that she's happy to see art inspire art.

"It's great, I love seeing the inspiration that Seagull Cinderella has conjured," Bregoli said.

"I'm not sure what his point was.. but I was fine with it. But it isn't part of the Seaport Art Walk and I had to take it down."

The piece will remain at the gallery as part of its pop-up art show paying homage to Seagull Cinderella. All benefits from the art show are being donated to a local breast cancer charity.

Blier said he wished the whale had stayed up a little longer, but was happy it was taken down by fellow artists rather than possibly disposed of by the city.

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