Offshore Wind Vs. Wildlife
New studies suggest that endangered marine species would not be significantly impacted by the construction and use of offshore wind farms off the Massachusetts coast.
The state and federal studies released this week were based on observations of whales, turtles, and marine birds over a period of four…
New Friend on the Waterfront
The now infamous "Seagull Cinderella" that sits on the corner of Route 18 and Elm Street in downtown New Bedford received some companionship Friday afternoon, though the friendship did not last long.
Is Free Willy Summering on the Cape?
Well, it's not Keiko, the Orca whale that starred in that 1993 classic film, but one was still spotted Monday off the shores of Cape Cod.
Bruce Peters of Capeshore Charters spotted and photographed a male Orca about 13 miles off the coast of Chatham on Monday afternoon...

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