Work Out World and Savers once shared a backyard on King's Highway, but with WOW in its new location a parking lot away, Savers has the entire back lot to itself and the neighborhood has gone straight to hell.

I regularly shop the Savers bookshelves and quite often find good bargains on the history books I like to read. From time to time I donate items to Savers as a way of paying it all forward. More times than not, I will make my donation in the store rather than driving around back to the receiving dock. On Sunday, I drove around back and was blown away by what I saw.

Savers provides a service for a lot of folks by reselling various items at prices that even the most in need can afford. Thankfully, the store receives a lot of donations to make that possible. Processing those donations is no doubt a chore. But that's no excuse.

Savers needs to find a system that allows it to process donations in a rapid and more orderly fashion to eliminate scenes such as these. How has this mess escaped the eyes of City health officials?

I get that Savers probably finds a lot of unwanted junk dumped at its backdoor overnight. Some people simply have no class when it comes to disposing of things they no longer desire. Charity clothing bins scattered around town are a testament to that. But if Savers is going to be in the business of collecting used items for resale, they must do a better job of keeping their space clean and presentable.

Come on Savers, you're better than this.

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