One day soon, this pandemic will just be a terrible memory, but for the restaurant industry, the terrible memories will linger on as they try to pull themselves out of the hole it dug for them.

The pandemic shut the doors on many small businesses that couldn’t survive the limitations that COVID-19 necessitated. With each new month, new regulations followed, tightening the grip on SouthCoast restaurants, which caused a detrimental decline to food and beverages sales at our favorite local eateries.

Restaurants are so much more than providing food. The diner only sees the end result, but behind the scenes is a well-oiled machine consisting of servers, cooks, bartenders, dishwashers, and food runners that work in unison to provide a service that will leave the guests satisfied.

It’s often overlooked that many servers make below minimum wage and rely solely on the generosity of tips. Without guests in seats, tips are few and far between, leaving servers hung out to dry.

Restaurant owners have been working tirelessly to keep the lights on while also trying to keep payroll in operation as the stress of financial uncertainty continues to grow.

The SouthCoast is home to dozens of unique restaurants that have become a staple in the community, and many of these restaurants have fallen on hard times. Each restaurant has its own story of struggle from last year, and we want that story to be heard. Join Fun 107 on our mission to Save SouthCoast Restaurants. Let’s show our favorites spots that we want them to survive and thrive in the new year.

If you are a local restaurant owner or know someone who is, email to apply for free advertising on our station. Fun 107 wants to share your stories with the community to assure that your doors stay open, your staff stays on, and your plates stay full.

Let’s work together to Save SouthCoast Restaurants.

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