While driving around Dartmouth, I noticed something intriguing on my phone’s GPS while waiting at a red light. Near Friendly’s Restaurant on Route 6, there was a marker indicating the presence of MrBeast Burger. Despite being familiar with the SouthCoast area, I had never seen or heard of a MrBeast Burger location. However, I soon learned that my understanding of local eateries was about to expand.

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Apple Maps

MrBeast Burger, it turns out, has an authentic “ghost kitchen” operating out of Friendly’s. This means you cannot walk into Friendly’s and order a MrBeast Burger in person; it is exclusively available for delivery through the DoorDash app. Should you show up at Friendly’s hoping to order MrBeast Burger on the spot, you'll be politely turned away.

Bill, the manager of Dartmouth's Friendly’s, shared some insights about this unique setup. The secret menu for MrBeast Burgers became available to the public in 2022, as part of an online program supporting third-party delivery systems like DoorDash and its drivers. Friendly’s benefits significantly from this arrangement, receiving a 60% cut from each order placed through the DoorDash app.

Yes, there is a MrBeast Burger ghost kitchen inside Friendly’s, and yes, Friendly’s cooks prepare the orders. However, the MrBeast Burger menu is distinct from Friendly’s, featuring its own products, including signature crinkle-cut fries and MrBeast loaded fries.


MrBeast Burgers is the brainchild of award-winning YouTube creator MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson. Teaming up with Virtual Dining Concepts, MrBeast launched this virtual restaurant brand, which is now available across the U.S. for delivery only. MrBeast, who has amassed 279 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, introduced this innovative dining concept to provide restaurateurs with an additional revenue stream without disrupting their regular operations.

To order MrBeast Burger, customers must use the app or DoorDash. SouthCoast residents can find MrBeast Burger at several locations, including:

  • 307 State Road, Dartmouth, MA (Friendly's)
  • 135 Mariano Bishop Boulevard, Fall River, MA (Friendly's)
  • 40 Bedford Street, Middleborough, MA
  • 6 Plaza Way, Plymouth, MA
  • 47 Long Pond Road, Plymouth, MA

MrBeast Burger has grown rapidly, with over 600 locations across 45 states and Washington D.C., out of approximately 1,000 locations worldwide. This virtual dining sensation was announced by MrBeast on December 19, 2020, with the launch of 300 restaurants in the U.S., marking a significant expansion in the food delivery landscape.

All I'm saying is this- the next time you’re in Dartmouth and crave something different, remember that a world-famous MrBeast Burger is just a few taps away on your phone.

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