In a disappointing turn of events for seafood lovers in Dartmouth, one of the area's favorite culinary landmarks, Dickie's Clam Shack, announced that it will not be opening its doors for the 2024 season.

Richie Medeiros, the owner of both the Dartmouth and Rehoboth branches of Dickie's Clam Shack, took to social media on May 8th to share the unfortunate news to loyal patrons.

Medeiros cited a combination of factors contributing to the decision, including the current economic climate and unpredictable weather conditions. In a heartfelt message shared online, he expressed gratitude to the restaurant's faithful customers over the past decade while explaining the rationale behind the closure for the upcoming season.

The relentless onslaught of inclement weather, particularly heavy rainfall, has posed significant challenges for an outdoor establishment like Dickie's Clam Shack. Despite the enduring popularity of signature dishes such as fried clams, clam cakes, steak and cheese sandwiches, and the crowd favorite fish and chips, Medeiros came to the conclusion that it just wasn't physically and mentally possible to maintain operations in Dartmouth for the 11th consecutive year.

Reflecting on the journey of Dickie's Clam Shack, Medeiros expressed appreciation for the enriching experience of serving the public and building a dedicated customer base. However, the current climate surrounding the future economy calls for uncertainty to resume business as usual in Dartmouth.

While the closure of the Dartmouth location may come as a disappointment to many, Medeiros reassured patrons that they can still indulge in Dickie's Clam Shack's delectable offerings at the Rehoboth establishment on Fall River Avenue. The commitment to quality ingredients and food stays the same, so loyal customers can still enjoy their favorite dishes, for just a little bit longer drive.

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