With tempatures expected to be in the 90's all week long, NSTAR is expecting the demand for electricity to soar this week as the region deals with an extended heat wave. Here are a few tips residents can follow to keep the electricity bill down while remaining cool.

Keep the heat out and the cool in - Sunlight shining through windows can increase the tempture inside of a home. using blinds, shades or drapes to block out the sun. Homes will stay cooler if the windows and blinds are closed during the day.

Air conditioners work the best in the shade - If it is possible, keep room air conditioners out of the sun. They run much more efficiently when kept cool. Installing one in a north-facing window is ideal. When shopping for a unit, look for the Energy Star label to ensure the unit is energy efficient.

Raising the temperature lowers the bill - Keeping air conditioner thermostats set to a moderate temperature saves energy and money. Air conditioners remove humidity from the air, keeping occupants cool even at a higher tempature setting.

It's a great time to cook outside - Cooking indoors will heat a home. Instead people should try to cook out doors to keep the heat out of the house.

Fridges and freezers are big-time energy users - To make the most of energy dollars, be sure to vaccum the coils on fridges and freezers regularly. Keep both well stocked and close the doors quickly to keep them at a cool temperature. Using jugs of water is a perfect low-cost option to fill empty space. If there are any extra fridges or freezers in a house, unplug them if they are unnecessary.

Conserve energy - It is always best to shut lighting and appliances off when not needed. Incandescent lights, when on, add heat to a home. Turning off the lights when not being used will save money on the electric bill as well as keep the home cooler.