When I first heard that Kool Kone in Wareham had closed for the day on Sunday, I wondered if the owner had gone bonkers. It was hotter than Hades and tongues were dragging on the pavement as disappointed customers walked off in search of cold refreshments.

Not only that, it was National Ice Cream Day! Whatever could this guy be thinking?

Well, Thomas Strom was thinking. He was thinking about the well being of his employees. Strom could have raked in huge profits had he been open on the hottest day this area has seen in several years, but he opted to remain closed so his employees wouldn't suffer.

What a guy. What a boss. What a leader.

Anyone who has ever worked in the fast-food industry can appreciate how hot it gets in a busy working kitchen–especially with the windows open and hot, muggy air pouring in. With temperatures near 100 degrees and oppressive humidity, Strom felt it just wouldn't be right to have his workers endure such conditions.

There are probably a lot more people like Thomas Strom who put the well being of their employees ahead of their profits that we don't hear about, so for all of you good bosses out there, I salute you.

Thomas Strom put his workers first at his own expense. Sounds like the kind of guy I want to buy some ice cream from. Good going, Thomas. The world needs more people like you.

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