Kate Levin is the proud owner of Cluck and Trowel farm in Little Compton. She shared a funny story with us that we simply couldn’t keep to ourselves.

“Those pigs are spoiled! We have been trying a lot of different water things because of the heatwave and no rain. But this morning we did not fill their kiddie pool or turn on their sprinklers since it was so breezy and cool.

So, they rushed their electric fence, somehow made it over a low point in the stone wall, and cut through a neighbor's backfield and headed to the street! They must have been exhausted by the time they got across the street because all four of them were found lying in the shade of a tree on the road! The officers from the Little Compton Police Department were angels!! They were funny and upbeat the whole time, helping us herd the pigs over to our driveway. Once the pigs got on our driveway they knew where they were and ran full tilt back to a puddle on some field plastic next to their pen. As soon as we turned their sprinklers on, they jaunted right back into the fenced pen.

It seems no one got upset, which was a huge relief for these farmers. We never want to upset the neighbors! We raked out the neighbor's lawn where they started rooting so all seems well here in LC. Little Compton takes 'A Right to Farm' Community to a whole new level!"

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