Rhode Island made a notable appearance on Jeopardy! this week

The state was the answer to a $400 question on the long-running quiz show under the category "The 13 Colonies."

The question:

"Its city of Pawtucket was founded in 1671, in time to come in for some burning during King Philip's War."

Contestant Alex Gordon, a surgical resident from New York, answered correctly, adding to his total earnings of $1,599. He took second place.

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The episode also featured Kat Jepson and Jesse Matheny, who competed in the Champions Wildcard semifinal of the season. Kat ended the game with $0, while Jesse emerged as the winner with $20,401.

Pawtucket, one of Rhode Island's oldest cities, was indeed founded in 1671. The city played a significant role in King Philip's War, a conflict between Native Americans and New England colonists in the late 17th century.

Rhode Island's appearance on Jeopardy! is not a rare occurrence. It has been featured in over 500 clues throughout the show's history: 532 times to be exact.

Jeopardy! has featured plenty of clues about New England over the years, including New Bedford and Fall River right here on the SouthCoast. Keep scrolling to see some of the cities' appearances on the show.

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