Fairhaven residents in support of senior housing at the Oxford school building made sure to voice their opinions at Monday's Board of Selectmen meeting.

Last month, the Board heard proposals from two companies for the long-unused school.

One company called the Sherwood Building Company proposed to build a multi-use community center, while another company called the Stratford Group proposed senior housing.

Both proposals faced concerns from the Board of Selectmen, but Sherwood's community center seemed to have the edge despite lacking details of what exactly that multi-use community center would include.

During the meeting, Board Chairman Geoff Haworth said the community feedback he had received in the past few weeks was mixed between the two proposals.

Fairhaven resident, Nick Costa was just one of the people at Monday's meeting in favor of converting the former school into a senior housing center. He says he gathered over 200 signatures for a petition in support of the senior housing project in about 48 hours, which he gave to the Board at Monday's meeting.

"Its public information, there's 40 residents right now on a waiting list that are waiting for senior housing, and there's about a six month wait so where are these people gonna go until they get an apartment ready," Costa tells WBSM News.



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