Ask anyone who has ever driven in Rhode Island and they will likely complain about the experience.

Rhode Island roadways are consistently ranked among the worst in America, Rhode Island drivers are always ranked poorly and one Twitter user once summed up the state's motorists in just seven blunt words.

So, when researchers started looking into road rage numbers across the country, those who have driven in the Ocean State were not surprised with the results at all.

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Get our free mobile app, a company that offers drivers car subscriptions, recently crunched the numbers of road rage incidents in the United States and determined which states contain the most dangerous and aggressive drivers.

Road rage, defined as "intimidating other drivers through things such as rude gestures, profanities, headlight flashing, or braking," is on the rise in America.

Eight out of 10 drivers are said to demonstrate aggressive behavior on the roads, meaning anything from running a red light to tailgating to purposely preventing another driver from changing lanes.

While neither Rhode Island nor Massachusetts landed themselves on the Worst States for Road Rage list, Rhode Island drivers did appear at the top of's Worst U.S. States For Confrontational Drivers list.

Confrontational drivers are ones who cut you off on purpose, yell as they pass you on the road, block you from changing lanes or even force other drivers off the road.

Yes, many can see why Rhode Island landed at No. 2 (just behind Arizona) on this not-so-great list.

According to the research, 96.5% of Rhode Island drivers are known to yell, threaten or insult the other drivers around them (and all this research was from before the Washington Bridge shut down).

Definitely don't be surprised if you hear someone yelling behind the wheel as you drive through the Ocean State.

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