Local and Massachusetts State Police this morning were still searching for one of three fugitives, possibly armed and dangerous, who fled the scene of a crash in New Bedford last night.

New Bedford police issued an update at around 11:30 a.m. today naming the two suspects in custody, saying that a third man is still at large, and confirming that shots were fired from a fleeing vehicle in New Bedford last night in the area of 21 Hathaway St. No one was injured and there was no property damage as a result of the gunfire.

Purvis M. Cole, 26, of 62 Waldeck St. in Dorchester is charged with discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building, assault with a dangerous weapon, and motor vehicle and drug charges. Ryan Harris, 27, of 5 Agawam St. in Taunton, is charged with drug possession.

According to scanner traffic and reports from neighbors, officers were pursuing a black Dodge Durango from Brockton that operated erratically upon arrival in the North End of New Bedford, struck parked cars, and crashed into a fence near Whitman Street and Belleville Avenue before three men fled the scene.

A witness told WBSM that neighbors went outside to see what was happening but were told by police to go back inside because shots had been fired. Police were seen searching house to house in the dense residential neighborhood.

K-9 units were deployed and helicopters were flying low as the search continued for fugitives, according to reports. People in the neighborhood said the action started before 9 p.m. and wrapped up around midnight.

A spokeswoman for Massachusetts State Police told WBSM today that MSP officers were called to assist New Bedford police at around 11 p.m. The suspects' vehicle was located as the result of a BOLO alert. Sgt. Nicole Morrell said three men fled. Morrell said there were reports of shots fired, but did not provide specifics.

New Bedford Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro today praised his officers, who responded as peaceful protests over the killing of George Floyd continued in other parts of the city.

"Last night's police activity in both the north and central parts of the city shone a bright light on the impressive and diverse caliber of every member of the NBPD," Cordeiro wrote. "I commend each officer out there for their professionalism, understanding, restraint and overall commitment to serve the public during this historic time."

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