Fairhaven homeowners who need to make repairs may be able to get some funds through the town's housing rehabilitation program.

Bill Roth, Director of Fairhaven's Department of Planning & Economic Development, says the money is available to residents who meet certain income guidelines and roth says the loans are availble on very generous terms.

"Every year we write off five percent of the loan and at year 15, the entire balance," says Roth "so there's no repayment if you live in the house for 15 years."

Roth says the majority of the Housing Rehabilitation Program's funds are targeted for home repairs in the North Fairhaven area south of Route 195.

While the program wasn't created in response to the devastation caused by this past winter storms Roth says some funds are available to assist homeowners town-wide with emergency repairs to their homes which can include a roof or chimney leak into the living space, a failed heating, septic or well system, or other conditions that would require the homeowner to vacate the property.

The program is also open to landlords but Roth says those interested in taking part in the program need to apply soon in order to receive the funds.

"We have time limits on looking at expending them," says Roth "we need to expend them in about the next four to five months so we'd love to help more citizens that are low to moderate income with home repair."

To learn more contact the Fairhaven Department of Planning & Economic Development at (508) 979-4082 X 128 or cdbg@fairhaven-ma.gov.