The Cannabis Control Commission apparently felt they needed to remind people that when out on boats, they can't possess or consume cannabis in federal waters.

“The Commission expects adults who choose to consume cannabis in Massachusetts to know the laws, including the federal restrictions that are still in place,” Commissioner Jennifer Flanagan said. “If you are planning to take a boat ride this summer in federal waters, leave your cannabis at home. And, it bears repeating never, ever drive a boat when under the influence of cannabis, or ride with a driver who may be at risk of being impaired.”

Yes, recreational marijuana consumption and possession is now legal in Massachusetts–but there are still limits. It's only for adults ages 21 and older, they can't possess more than one ounce of marijuana or five grams of marijuana concentrate, and there are definitely restrictions against having it in federally-regulated areas, such as oceans, rivers or airspace.

The CCC reminds people that, in general, consuming marijuana or marijuana products in a public place is prohibited, as is smoking marijuana in any area where smoking tobacco is prohibited. And, it remains against the law to operate a motor vehicle or vessel while under the influence. So not boating and blazing, and keep your weed out of the water.

Just be smart this summer, folks.

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