Real Clear Investigations' Paul Sperry is pointing the finger at an Obama Administration holdover in the National Security Council, Eric Ciaramella, as the until now unidentified "whistleblower" with regards to President Trump's call to Ukraine, in which he was alleged to have pressured the eastern European nation to reopen an investigation into the questionable Burisma Energy business dealings.

Ciaramella is also a colleague of two of House Intel chairman Adam Schiff's (D-California) staffers Sean Misko and Abigail Grace. Misko was hired by Schiff in August, the same month Ciaramella reportedly raised concerns about Trump's call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. Schiff retained the services of Grace in February of 2018.

Ciaramella, Grace and Misko all worked together as aides at the NSC (National Security Council).

Remember now, Rep. Schiff has stated that neither he, his staff or any on the House Intelligence Committee "ever met directly with the whistleblower", now identified as a pal of two of Schiff's staffers.

The Washington Post accused Schiff of "clearly making a statement that was false."

According to the whistleblower's attorney, he was a CIA analyst, detailed to the National Security Council for the White House during the Obama Administration and then into Trump's. He would have likely joined Vice President Biden on any number of the six trips to Ukraine which Biden made on Air Force II.

It has been reported that Ciaramella was fired from the National Security Council under the Trump Administration in June or July of this year (a month before he allegedly accused Trump of making the quid pro quo call).

Michael Atkinson, Inspector General for the intel community, stated that the whistleblower had a working relationship with then-VP Biden and now a 2020 presidential candidate. Atkinson stated that this person (not yet identified) had political bias toward Biden's candidacy.

The major cracks have surfaced in this latest attack on Trump. It is about to collapse and may end up setting up a domino effect of the Democratic Party's control of the House of Representatives and beyond.

Stay tuned...

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