Look, we all get a little frustrated when it snows. But some of us take it too far.

Snowstorms can bring out the worst in us. Trapped in our houses, nowhere to go. Sometimes even without power, when we can't bury our face in television or video games or even our phones, and we may have to actually (gasp!) talk to the rest of the family to keep from going stir crazy in the storm.

So when the snow ends, it's understandable we all want to get out of the house. Cabin fever sets in pretty quickly, and all it takes it one quick ride around town to get us feeling right again.

But as we all know, snow cleanup is not an easy job. The plow drivers work long hours, barely keeping their eyelids open as they try to make it safe for us because we can't wait one more minute to make a Dunkin' run or pickup a pizza.

Yet that didn't stop neighborhood and town Facebook groups from lighting up with complaints about roads that weren't down to bare pavement or mailboxes plowed over because residents didn't bother to clear around them so drivers knew they were there.

Well, one local town official had enough, and posted this hilariously sarcastic response to all of those complainers:

Dartmouth Helping Dartmouth/Facebook
Dartmouth Helping Dartmouth/Facebook

"At the request of several DPW employees, I am going to arrange a one day seminar on how to plow and how to sand streets in Dartmouth.

Since we have so many experts here, I am inviting you to this seminar to share your infinite knowledge with our DPW workers so that they can plow and sand our street to meet your standards and approval.

Other than your vast experience in plowing and sanding, you must also have experience in leaving your families alone for hours and/or days to fend for themselves in any storm, drive a very large vehicle in tight quarters and in less than perfect conditions, sleep for short periods of time and endure the wrath of hundreds of salary paying citizens.

Also during this seminar, there will be a short program on how not to knock down mailboxes with heavy, slushy snow leaving the plow and how to plow cul-de-sacs perfectly.

Please keep on eye out for further details."

Shawn McDonald is a member of the Dartmouth Select Board and the admin of the Dartmouth Helping Dartmouth Facebook group. His perfectly crafted response should shut down any of the know-it-alls that think they can do the thankless job of plowing and sanding SouthCoast streets better than the professionals!

What do you think? Is this response a direct-hit snowball to the complainers, or is it just plowing over the fact that the job isn't getting done correctly? Either way, we expect you to post a blizzard of comments under this story on our Facebook page!

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