Jimmy Kimmel. Howard Stern, Ralph Northam, Joy Behar. They've all worn blackface and or have used the "n-word" for entertainment purposes and are all still employed. In fact, there has not even been whimper from the left-wing morality police.

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel decided to take some time off to spend with family just as reports of a 1996 Christmas album featuring Kimmel dropping the "n-bomb" with some frequency have resurfaced. Kimmel admitted in a 2013 podcast, obtained by Fox News, to have participated in the project and have used the "n-word." Such a revelation would be enough to destroy anyone but a left-wing Trump hater. Left-wing Trump haters have immunity.

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Howard Stern, the overrated, self-proclaimed "King of All Media" gets a pass when 1993 video surfaces of him wearing blackface and dropping the "n-bomb" with reckless abandon. Instead of firing him, Sirius XM kicks contract renewal talks into high gear to guarantee Stern is re-signed.

Joy Behar gets to wear blackface, and instead of being fired, ABC/Disney gives her a daily forum from which to call Donald Trump a racist. Yet if you are the Phantom Gourmet or a white school principal in Windsor, Vermont and you dare to call out Black Lives Matter, you get suspended. If you are a Republican sheriff in bluer-than-blue Bristol County, Massachusetts and you wore a red tie with stars on it 17 years ago, you get called a white supremacist.

See how this all works?

Comrades on the left flank get to make "mistakes" or have "lapses of judgment" or need not apologize at all for their transgressions. The hypocrisy is laughable.

It kind of makes one wonder what all of this is really about and how sincere it all is.

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