A new TV show based in Providence is seemingly in the works after film crews were at work Tuesday taping scenes inside Providence's City Hall.

The Providence City Council was more than happy to share photos of its chambers-turned-TV set earlier this week for a TV pilot they said was being filmed by Rhode Island native and actor/director Michael Corrente.

Providence City Council via Facebook
Providence City Council via Facebook

Corrente was born in Pawtucket and has been back to the Ocean State again and again to film several of his big-screen projects. Outside Providence and Federal Hill are probably his more famous local films, but it has been nearly a decade since he has directed anything.

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Whether you know his name or not, Corrente is back filming in Rhode Island once again. Several scenes were shot inside city hall on Tuesday and the Rhode Island Film & Television Office says more taping will take place this week in Cumberland.

The project is reportedly a pilot, also titled Federal Hill, for an unnamed network. Though the film of the same name was about five friends from Providence getting caught up with organized crime in the city, the TV show is going to be much different.

Officially released details are scarce, but signs point to this being a period piece from the 1960s about John Partington and his role in the invention of witness protection.

Partington was a lifelong resident of Cumberland, which explains the filming to take place there. According to the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, Partington "enjoyed a national reputation as the first head of the United States Witness Protection Program."

Partington is credited with helping "to secure the convictions of over 400 top-level mobsters, including New England crime boss Raymond Patriarca" and I imagine the story of how he made it all happen will indeed make for some good binge-watching.

In November 2021, the Cumberland Town Council approved filming use of the old police station, named for Partington, The Valley Breeze reported.

Fast forward to spring 2022 and there's no word on how long filming will take, what network might pick up the project or when we would possibly see it, but I am definitely intrigued to watch as soon as I can.

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