New Bedford Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro responded Wednesday to the reassignment of former detective Chris Cotter, stating the move was not politically motivated.

Cotter was told Tuesday that he was being reassignment from the department's Juvenile/Sexual Assault Unit back to the uniform division. He previously spent 12 years as a detective, and 10 in the specialized unit before being told he was being reassigned due to "managerial differences."

Chief Cordeiro told WBSM News that reassignments within the department are not uncommon, and he feels it is "healthy" to make an officers "as diversified as you can."

Cotter also serves on the city's school committee, and despite his public battles with school superintendent Dr. Pia Durkin, Cordeiro said Cotter's reassignment was not politically motivated.

"We don't speak of the details when it comes to personnel decisions," Cordeiro said. "But there has been zero political influence or discussion as it pertains to (Cotter's reassignment)."

Cordeiro also said Cotter's move back to the uniform division should not be considered a demotion.

"There are no disciplinary issues," he said. "This is not a demotion."

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